22 Nov

This term the Year 6 students enjoyed a week exploring Glenelg, learning all about its history, art, environment and much more.

Year 6 students, Isla and Nadia recount their week and share some highlights.

The Bay Week Experience was lots of fun. We learned lots about art, business, sport, history, environment and tourism in Glenelg.

To learn about art, Mrs Hancock walked us around Glenelg and took us to lots of different street art. Some were plain but popped-out and others were super colourful and bright. In the case where it was a painting of a person the artist would paint the eyes to face towards the street to attract people over.

We went to Beach Burrito to learn about business. Mike, a worker at the restaurant, told us all about how to start a business and the importance of making a profit. He also told us all about his great grandfather starting the business line in his family. We got to see the kitchens and the bar and see how they prepare the food for a busy night.

We went to the Glenelg Football Club and learnt all about the history of football in Glenelg. We saw all of the change rooms and the effects from a big storm that happened. We also learnt that Glenelg Football Club was the first SANFL club to have a full girls team.

Next was history and we went to the Air Raid Shelter which used to be a big control and contact centre in World War 2. There were lots of displays around there, which were super interesting. We then caught a tram to Moseley Square, where we went to the Bay Discovery Centre. It’s like a big museum, with lots of displays of the olden days in Glenelg.

Then we walked down to the beach and a lady named Georgie and her assistant, who worked for the Marine Discovery Centre, told us all about the environmental issues at the beach. Then we went around and picked up rubbish, and sorted it into categories. We found 122 cigarette butts!

The next day we went on a walk around the Marina and over the Patawalonga lock to Glenelg Scuba, where Darryl told us all about scuba diving and tourism in Glenelg. We saw the boats they took on Scuba Diving trips, and the pool that they teach learners to Scuba Dive in. They also teach Free diving. Darryl gave us some information about tourism in Glenelg.

But overall the highlight was when we had finished all the activities and we got to go to Copenhagen and get ice cream.

Thank you to Year 6 students, Isla and Nadia and Year 6 Teacher, Melissa Rooke, for sharing this story.