14 Aug

In Week 1 of Term 3, award winning South Australian children’s author Phil Cummings came to work with the Year 6s.

Phil Cummings
Phil’s literary career includes writing over seventy books for children, being an ambassador for a multitude of literacy programs for young people and producing work that has been published all over the world.

Three Day Workshop
The author spent three consecutive days with the students as part of a sequential writing workshop. Activities included, collecting story ideas, developing characters and detailing environments.

From this workshop the Year 6s will begin their own writing journey, developing their writing skills and creating their own narratives.

Student Recount
Below is a recount of the experience told by students, Charli and Jasmine:

We were all so excited and engaged with all the stories he told and the different exercises he lead us through.

We learnt about single words and descriptive phrases, e.g water: smooth, glimmers in the sun, clear.

Phil also had us make up a scene about going to the beach, including characters each with their own character description. This exercise taught us that narrative ideas can come from anywhere.

Phil is a very good teacher, he makes learning fun with his great sense of humour and excellent storytelling skills.

He is also really good at explaining to us what we have to do and helping us along the way.

We are all thankful for the experience with Phil and a big thanks to the organisers who made this amazing experience happen.

Student Highlights

“Phil taught me to never be afraid of writing.” Zara

“Phil taught me to write what’s inside you.” Raven

“Phil taught me to use descriptive phrases not sentences.” Charli

“Probably one of the best SPW experiences. A once in a lifetime opportunity.” Tarrant

“10 minutes of reading a day can make a big difference.” Ethan

Article by Mel Roocke and Year 6 students