04 Jun

The newly formed St Peter’s Woodlands Environmental Working Party has implemented a new waste management system.

Environmental Committee

The newly formed Environmental Working party committee (parents and staff) held its inaugural meeting on Thursday 4 February 2021.

The committee came about, as many in our community were very keen to see our school becoming a more sustainable environment. This was also strongly supported by our leadership team.

Waste Management

Waste management was high on the agenda so with the help of BINSHIFT all the Year 1 classrooms received recycling bins for food, paper and plastic. We are hoping to implement this in all classrooms by the end of the year.

SPW bin shift Year1

The Year 6 & 7 students are also involved as they collect and sort the rubbish into the council bins before putting them out on the footpath.

SPW bin shiftSPW bin shift Year7

Student Environmental Posters

The Year 1s also created posters to raise awareness, depicting what mattered most to them.

SPW Environmental art

SPW environmental art

SPW environmental art

Nature Warriors

There are a keen group of children who are very excited to be “Nature Warriors” in Bowen garden, specifically caring for the chickens, veggie patches and the Nature play space.

It is fantastic that the children are so involved and want to help. There is a lot of work to do and the environment is something we can all help to care for so we look forward to your support in our sustainability journey.

Thank you to Meredith Williams, Community Development Manager, for sharing this story.