06 Jun

You are invited to the 6/7 Centre Open Day, what can you expect to see?

We want to show younger children at SPW and their families how amazing the upper primary experience is. You will get to see innovative 21st Century learning in action. Here’s an overview of the types of things you can expect to see.

Media Arts

In Year 6 Media Arts the students will be focussing on body image and how it is portrayed in the media. They will be creating their own magazine covers using images and text to promote positive body image.

Year 7 students will be focussing on the Relationships part of the Keeping Safe curriculum linked with online safety and bullying. They will consider what bullying means, how it affects individuals and what they can do to stop it.

Design & Technology

Year 6 students will have their chef hats on and in final preparations for the 2018 edition of SPW MasterChef.

Digital Technologies

In Digital Technologies, the Year 7 students are exploring coding using the TYNKER program. They have been learning how to loop a series of codes together to repeat commands and are beginning to use their ipads to create their own game for their younger buddy class to play and provide feedback on later in the term.


Year 6 students will plan and set up an investigation to determine factors that affect mould growth on food.

The Year 7 students will be constructing paper, ‘stomp rockets ‘as part of their space investigation conclusion, weather permitting, hopefully flying them as well.

Classroom Learning

There will be various subject areas being taught as per a typical week in the Year 6 and 7 Centre. There will be English, Maths and HaSS (Humanities and Social Studies), to mention a few.

What a wonderful opportunity for children in Year 3 – 5 to visit the Year 6 & 7 Centre with their families. We’re looking forward to sharing our school with you.


Session 1: Monday 25 June 1.30pm
Session 2: Wednesday 27 June 9.00am

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