21 Dec

At the conclusion of every year our Year 7 students reflect on their time at SPW.

As a staff, we are both astounded and blessed by the detailed recounts, affectionate terms and ample creativity used to describe their time at SPW.

After much consideration, two students have been selected to feature an account of their journey here on the SPW blog. We hope you enjoy reading them as much as the children enjoyed writing them.

SPW Burger – Written by Isla

When I look back on my incredible journey at SPW, I think of my 8 years at primary school as a jam-packed burger oozing with ingredients. A one of a kind burger that is full of friendship, opportunities, leadership and much much more! To create a SPW burger, you will have to find, explore and develop the following ingredients and then layer them between a reception school hat and a Year 7 jacket.


  • 1/4 of a cup of friendship sauce
  • 1 opportunity patty
  • 1 teacher carrot (grated)
  • 1 slice of the arts cheese
  • Topped off with some memories that will stay with me forever

Preparation Time

  • 8 years

Method – Sourcing and Combining Ingredients 

Opportunity was found throughout my schooling at SPW. Many exciting opportunities were put on a plate and served to me and it did not only happen during recess and lunch. At SPW one of the major things that I have learnt is how to use my initiative to make the most out of the many opportunities that came my way and always to put in my best effort. One of the many examples was when I made a song based on some of the Year 1’s views of a growth mindset. Also, in Year 6 we went to Canberra which was one of my favourite opportunities. It was exciting to travel in a plane rather than a bus and to learn about Australia’s history as well as explore some important places in Australia, such as the old and new Parliament House, the CSIRO and the Australian Institute of Sport. Questacon was educational and made science fun. Some of the leadership positions that I have fulfilled over my 8 years at SPW have been: House Captain, class manager and SRC (which is now called SSLC).

Friendship sauce was added to my burger from day one. As soon as I met Zara and we found out that we both knew a friend from out of school, we became ‘Best Friends Forever’, otherwise known in Reception as BFFs, and enjoyed all our recess and lunch time together. In Year 2, Zara and I were part of a group with Jordan and Ashtyn and we called ourselves ‘The Awesome Foursome’. We would regularly perform our new songs and dances to the class with confidence. By Year 5 I had developed a new friendship with Charlotte and we were inseparable best friends, a shortened name as it was now uncool to say BFFs. In Year 6, I had so many friends in my friendship group, but I was particularly good friends with two girls in my class, Lucy and Sophie, and we were called ‘The Three Amigos’. Year 7 has been fantastic as my friendships have continued and I now know many younger children across the school in other year levels.

Everyone has their own unique teacher carrot after a journey through primary school. Mine was grown from spending many hours with the amazing, wise teachers that I met from Reception to Year 7. In Reception I had Mrs Perryman who was the best first teacher that I could have ever asked for as she was friendly and welcoming for children starting school. Then I had Mrs Fereday in Year 1. She was the perfect mix of being kind, but making us work hard. One of the things that excited me the most in Year 1 was our class orangutan that we took turns to take home. In Year 2 with Mrs Allen and Mrs Hannah I really enjoyed reading our class novel, ‘Tashi’, together. By Year 3 I was almost half way through primary school and had Ms Adams and Mr Cuthbert as teachers. That year was memorable for dice footy and I recall being very proud of my sponsors and the guernsey that I designed. In Year 4 I had Mrs Burgess and I loved playing whole school dodgeball for fitness as everyone always had a blast. Mrs Allard was my Year 5 teacher and one of my most fun days at school that year was when Winston, our class clown, was murdered and we had to solve the murder mystery. Year 6 was terrific. Mr Kennedy was my teacher for most of the week, except on Wednesdays when we had Ms Guppy. One of the many memorable moments from Year 6 was the way we decided to run our class meetings. We tried to make it similar to the way decisions are made in Parliament House! In Year 7, I had Mrs Lee, also known as the lovely English lady. She had the amazing ability to get twenty one crazy Year 7s to concentrate and complete their work.

There are many different areas to the Arts, just like there are many types of cheese you can put in a burger. I loved the arts at SPW and everything about it. The musical instrument that I played, and will continue to play, is the saxophone. I also really enjoyed singing in the school show and chapel choirs as well as the school musicals. The school musicals were a highlight of my time at SPW. I was cast in many different roles and I loved it because it gave me the opportunity to play different characters and personalities. My favourite school musical was ‘The Lion King Junior’. I played the role of Young Simba and won the Year 6 girl Most Valuable Player Award (MVP). In the Lion King Jr, I ended up performing in all six shows as the Young Simba in the other cast was very sick and unable to perform. I was extremely tired, however, I kept on going and gave every show 110% and had a great time.

There are many magical memories that I made throughout my time at SPW that will be cherished forever and really topped off my SPW burger. One of the first memories that I made at SPW was on the first day of school. Our names were printed on cardboard in bubble writing and we had to glue colourful streamers to fill in each letter of our name. I have kept this art work, my first at SPW, along with many other pieces of work in a memory box in a cupboard in my room. Another fond memory I have from school was the Bright Sparks rewards system in Mrs Allen’s Year 2 class. Good behavior was rewarded by a prize from the Bright Sparks box. The best event in my last year of primary school was the Year 7 formal as everyone dressed up in fancy clothes and had a fantastic time. This was one of the most enjoyable events at my time at SPW and I will definitely remember this forever!

Once you have collected all of your ingredients, assemble them layer upon layer between the reception school hat and the Year 7 jacket, and then enjoy! Hopefully you have made a unique, big and yummy SPW burger that is full of fantastic experiences and you will always consider them as some of the best 8 years of your life, just like my SPW burger. We are very privileged to be able to go to such a wonderful school.

What SPW Means to Me – Written by Paige

I smile at the little girl standing at my feet as she looks at me I can tell by the look on her face she’s nervous. I lift her up and sit her on the bench and tell her, ‘She’ll be fine’. I blow her a kiss and tell her I love her as she stands and walks into her classroom. She disappears from sight. As I walk out the school I remember my mum doing a similar thing to me on my first day of primary school.

I’ll never forget the smile that was on my mum’s face the day I came skipping home to her and said, ‘Guess what, I made a new friend today her name is Stella’. My teacher, Mrs Kowalick, put us together, we counted smarties on the floor for maths. One day I interviewed Mr Prance and he was holding a teddy bear. I can’t forget Fruity Friday. What about in year one with Mrs Brown and all her class pets that we got to see every week. I also remember Friday free play when we dressed up in costumes and made dance routines. I remember growing our own bean stalks to look after every day.

In Year 2 Mrs Allen went on long service leave to the Amazon Jungle and when she got back we spent half a day looking at colourful birds and animals. I remember the day I got bright spark of the week, I got a prize from the prize box and my very own badge. Oh and my favourite part of Year 2 was the sleepover in the gym. My mind rolls into Year 3 with Mr Irvine. We read so many books it was ridiculous. Mr Irvine was so tall I remember trying to keep up with him when he walked around. I also remember in our mental maths Elsie and I used to tell each other the answers so we could get 10/10 and then Mr Irvine would sing us a song.

Sophie and I had lots of fun in Year 4 especially one day when we swapped seats when Mrs Burgess turned to face the board. I still can’t believe she didn’t notice all day. We tried so hard to find the perfect costume for our learning journey as migrants. The pen licences, I never really deserved mine because I followed Sophie when she got called back to class by Mrs Burgess. She was giving Sophie hers, we had just about left the classroom when she called us both back into the class telling us she felt bad that she only gave Sophie hers, so that was how I got my licence.

Mrs Allard did so many fun things with us. We got 5JA money for doing something good and in term 4 we could buy prizes from the 5JA shop. Every now and then we would play in the playground or a mannequin challenge.

My brain skips to Year 6, I remember thinking how nice my new teacher was. I remembered her as the nicest teacher we had in the JP years and it was true. Mrs Forbes was so nice. We learnt so much and we did great things like going to Canberra or playing games at the end of each day. I especially remember Lauren and I hula hooping around the classroom with whiteboard markers in our ears and then singing songs while we walked around the school.

I remember my last year of SPW. How amazing that year was. Mr Fletcher was so nice to everyone and we had so much fun in all our subjects. We all loved listening to the stories he would tell us and all the new fitness games he introduced to us. Year 7 was the best year for camp, it was a blast, definitely the best one. The jumble sale that went so quick, I wish we could’ve done it again and again. City Week was such a long and tiring week but such a great experience. Oh and the Formal, that night was not to be forgotten, everyone was dressed up so nicely and I remembered at the end of the night laying on the gym floor out of breath staring across the room to my also out of breath dancing buddy Scarlett. I wish I could relive every moment of those eight years.

The last memory clicked over in my mind as I snapped out of my trance, I remember how quick those years went by but I will keep all those memories with me forever.

We wish our Year 7 students all the best as they continue their journey into Secondary school and beyond.