28 Aug

Recently the Year 7 students experienced the highly anticipated City Week. This wonderful program is in its sixth year and continues to be one of the highlights for our senior students.

Developing City Week
In 2014 it was identified that the school needed to develop the Year 7 curriculum to include programs that lent themselves to the emerging adolescent.

City Week was born out of this initiative; a program designed to challenge students to become responsible for their own learning, to ask questions, challenge the status quo, work in groups and take risks in a structured and supported environment.

What is City Week?
City Week involves students working in teams to visit venues and sites in the city of Adelaide that best link to their subjects of investigation.

The students are responsible for designing and scheduling their itinerary for the week, this includes booking the venues and organising transportation.

Unfortunately, due to the constantly changing COVID-19 restrictions on various venues, this year’s students were not able to be as involved in this process as usual.

Across the week students are encouraged to be independent learners, to navigate their way across the city, to engage and ask questions of those hosting them and to be active participants of their group.

Once the students have reflected on their experience, they are asked to write up their findings and present it to their parents and caregivers.

Alan Young – SPW Community Member
SPW Grandparent Alan Young is a much loved and valued member of the community who, over the years, has generously volunteered his time to support our students.

He assisted in developing the City Week program during its infancy and has continued to give his time across the years to support the Year 7 students with the program, including this year.

“This was my sixth City Week….I have seen so many changes since then and I am very appreciative of this time to share with young people who love to learn, work together and experience new challenges, overcome their fears and seriously study how they can make this a better world for all… Over these six years I have seen much change among the year 7 students, especially in their understanding of the school’s values of wonder, courage, respect and service.” – Alan Young

The Benefits of City Week
Learning takes place in many other places other than the classroom. City Week works to broaden the students’ understanding of the world and to develop their skills in independent learning, to explore and learn from the environment and people around them. Encouraging children out of their comfort zone in a structured program allows students to be bold, take risks and ask questions.

“Students overcome fears of speaking in public and overcoming fears of height. Students see possibilities for themselves through others who have been successful already in their careers.” – Alan Young

City Week 2020
This year’s students spent three days in the Adelaide City Centre where they visited various venues, engaging in numerous experiences that linked to their current studies. Whilst the week covered a number of learning areas, the overall theme looked into Humanities and Social Science with a focus on liveability, sustainability and change.

The students visited the Central Market, St Peter’s Anglican Cathedral, Christie Walk, The Art Gallery of South Australia, Maker’s Empire, South Australian Health and Medical Research Institution, Lot Fourteen and Adelaide Oval. To top of a very successful week the students were treated to a 2 hour excursion at Tree Climb.

Highlights of City Week 2020
Of particular benefit this year was the insight to the vast entrepreneurial opportunities and availability of support and expertise in various areas, such as space studies and climate change – very inspiring for young people to see all the possibilities that are available to them in their own city.

“The 2020 City Experience has learnt from the previous five and has continued to get better, so is it the best? Time will tell…” – Alan Young

Students Quotes
“City Week was amazing, I learnt so much. SAHMRI was so cool, I might like to work there one day.” – Sam

“I loved learning about the different cultures at the market.” – Sarah

“I wish I lived at Christy Walk; what a great community.” – TaShie

“It was so interesting learning about all the different businesses in Adelaide. What great exercise too!” – Flynn

Article collaboratively written by Chris Prance, Lynn Lee, Alan Young and Year 7 students.