28 Jun

Throughout Term 2, the Year 1 students have been thinking about the importance of sustainability for our environment.

The Unit of Inquiry allowed the children to explore the ideas of sustainability throughout all key learning areas. We spoke with Art Teacher Michelle Lewis to find out how students explored the ideas of sustainability through The Arts.

What were you hoping to achieve with the Sustainability Project?
The task was to create Art out of rubbish that could not be recycled. In essence, the rubbish was to be repurposed instead of being thrown into landfill.

The Art room had many old video tapes, old coloured pencils and vinyl records. The children had to use these to create their artwork. The children found ways to use rubbish as Art by following different methods of other artists before they began their own piece.

This project allowed students to use things they have never used before, in ways they have never thought of before.SPW_Year 1 Art_5

How did the Sustainability Project benefit the students? What did they learn?
Most of the children hadn’t seen video tapes and most didn’t know what vinyl records were – so that was a whole different conversation!

SPW_Year 1 Art_1The ideas that came up were all very different and very exciting as they discovered ways to repurpose these items instead of throwing them away.

“I loved using all the different stuff, like sticking on the pencils.”

Did anything surprising happen as a result of the sustainability project?
Many of the children have discussed projects they are creating at home as a result of this activity; instead of just making a tower of boxes they are turning it into something beautiful by adding colour, patterns and different types of media.SPW_Year 1 Art_3

They loved their final pieces. Also, they were having in depth conversations when attempting to problem solve – when things wouldn’t stick or the paint didn’t work out the way they hoped. It was fantastic.

Thanks Michelle for sharing this beautiful work from the Year 1 students.