12 Apr

Student leadership at SPW is thriving with children across year levels participating in a variety of ways.

Our Impact in 2017

Last year the Student Representative Council (SRC) did an awesome job of supporting The Mary Potter Foundation. They raised awareness amongst the SPW community of the work which this group carries out. The SRC also raised a significant amount of money which was used to make the lives of those in the Hospice more fulfilling.

Our Focus for 2018

The new Student Service Leadership Council (SSLC) spoke with the SPW students at Chapel last week about the organisation they have decided to support this year. As with last year’s choice, this year the SSLC wished to select a local organisation to support, where we would be able to make a real difference.

This year, the SSLC have chosen to support the valuable work of HYPA (Helping Young People Achieve).  HYPA helps young people in South Australia to find and keep safe accommodation and to reconnect with family, school, jobs and the community.Hypa_1 (Custom)

Many of the young people who HYPA support have experienced trauma in their lives and need considerable support. HYPA believes that every young person they help has the strength and capacity to bring about positive change and build a future. HYPA’s role is to support young people to change their circumstances so that they can live full and productive lives within their communities. You can read more about the work of HYPA here.

The SSLC are currently planning a range of activities to support HYPA. These will start next term when further information will be given in Assemblies and through Skoolbag.

If you have any questions relating to the work of the SSLC please contact Kerry Ramsay