12 Dec

Our Year 7 students were consulted by local council members in regards to the development of the Wigley Reserve Playspace and Fitness Area.

The Year 7 students had the privilege of working with the Holdfast Bay Council members this year. Their project evolved around community engagement, including the development of Wigley Reserve play space.

The initial consultation

Students from 7LL were invited to put forward thoughts about the current space in Glenelg, outlining the pros and cons. They were asked to offer ideas and suggestions for improvements, to enable more young adults to become involved and use the space more efficiently.

Reviewing the plans

At the end of the year, the council members returned to SPW to share the proposed plans and obtain feedback from our students. Three different plans were displayed and students were invited to share their thoughts and opinions about each of them.

Conclusions were drawn and the play spaces were rated by the students. Some favourites included the climbing frame tunnel, the tandem flying fox and large water play.

Making a difference in the community

Our Year 7 students thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to contribute and influence decisions in the planning of Wigley Reserve and look forward to seeing some their ideas put into action later in 2019.

Thank you to Lynn Lee, Year 7 teacher, for supporting this initiative and sharing this story. We look forward to enjoying the new spaces in our community.