04 Jun

National Simultaneous Storytime and the science of space.

SPW National Simultaneous Storytelling 2021National Simultaneous Storytime (NSS) 2021 was an out of this world event, literally!… as it was read by astronaut Dr Shannon Walker from the International Space Station.

SPW NSS 2021 in the Chapel

Our students gathered in the Chapel to hear the book Give Me Some Space! by Australian Author/Illustrator Philip Bunting. Listening with over a million other children, we thoroughly enjoyed learning so much about space.

SPW NSS 2021 2The main character in the story is on a mission to discover if there is ‘life in space’, which allowed us to explore our solar system with valuable insights added by Dr Shannon Walker. It was amazing to see the book floating around and Dr Walker making use of zero gravity for her entrance and exit.


“I like that they float because I know there is no gravity.” – Freddie, 4 years old

“I got to see a real life astronaut!” – Sofia, 4 years old

Citizen Scientists

SPW citizen scientistsTo help out the scientists on the International Space Station, in conjunction with the NSS event, our Year 4 classes became citizen scientists, conducting temperature experiments to explore how temperature varies across Australia and how the nature of the surface of the Earth affects temperature. International Space Station scientists also conducted a thermal balance experiment in space which modelled the Sun-Earth-Space system for students to view.

SPW temperature experiment
SPW temperature experiment 2What an amazing event, bringing wonder and respect for scientists and astronauts, from across the world. Something to inspire our students to reach for the stars!

Thank you to Annette Mesecke, Information Specialist and Teacher Librarian, for sharing this story.