06 Sep

The whole school gathered together to stampede for their chosen charity scosa.

The students walked together wearing their brightly coloured beanies and stampeded from the Pier Street school entrance, all the way along the esplanade, around Mosely Square and back again. Despite the cold, the students energetically showed their support for scosa by raising funds and awareness.

SSLC Service
One aspect of the SSLC role at SPW is to raise money and, equally importantly, to raise awareness amongst the school community for a chosen charity for the year. This year the students chose to support local charity, scosa.

scosa provides vital in-home, community and support services to hundreds of South Australians living with a range of physical and intellectual disabilities, including cerebral palsy, autism, down syndrome and acquired brain injury.

They create fun and engaging activities, leading to enhanced life skills and greater independence, and have done so since 1950 when they were founded in Adelaide.

Supporting this worthwhile organisation allowed students to really understand and see first hand the impact of their work.

It also gave them the opportunity to reflect and ask questions, such as: What does it mean to have a physical or intellectual disability? How can we help? How can we make a real difference?

Service is one of the school’s primary values, and this program gave the students a rich opportunity to delve into an authentic and purposeful program in both leadership and service.

The idea to stampede

Following the previous success of big walks, the SSLC decided that this year they wanted to stampede in support of scosa. They wanted it to be a mass community event with all of SPW stampeding together to show their support for a cause important to them.

Planning the stampede

Planning began with the SSLC working collaboratively. They discussed all aspects of the stampede; who would be involved, where would it take place, how would it raise awareness and how would they ensure it was an awesome fundraising opportunity? With many ideas shared, the SSLC made their final decisions and actions started to take place.

The day of the stampede

Friday August 16, the day of the SPW scosa stampede event, dawned.

Gathering together, the entire SPW school community, led by the SSLC and House Captain Musician team, left the school grounds beginning the walk around the streets of Glenelg.

Child after child, staff member after staff member walked through the school gates proudly, sporting a brightly coloured beanie.Younger and older children walked side by side and hand in hand; children, staff and parents walked united.

What an incredible sight. Everywhere you looked there were bright boobing heads and beaming faces. Children proudly carried banners and spoke with passers-by about the work of the SSLC and the work of scosa.

Wherever you looked and with whomever you spoke, it was apparent that it was a day that SPW stampeded to make a difference and raise awareness. Grey skies and cool temperatures went unnoticed, instead smiles abounded, laughter and chanting rang out and the happiness was contagious.

The stampede success

The SPW scosa stampede event created a huge buzz and made a real impact on our community. Not only did children, staff and parents walk the walk but they also talked the talk with donations to the SSLC cause currently totalling an incredible $5200.

SSLC charity service

The amazing amount of money raised will directly benefit those facing the difficulty of physical and intellectual disabilities; an achievement which the SSLC and SPW community can feel rightly proud of.

The stampede was a lot of fun and I think a lot of students enjoyed it. I think this was a really good way to raise awareness for scosa, since there were a lot of people that saw the signs as we went by. – Sam

We got sponsors from our family for the walk and could buy a beanie to wear. scosa supports hundreds of South Australians living with a range of physical and intellectual disabilities. So it is important to a lot of South Australians that their family and friends get cared for. – Sarah

The SPW community walked with bright coloured beanies and posters around Glenelg to show their gratitude and support for scosa. It was a great honour to help people in need, and an enjoyable way to support scosa. – Chiara

Combining fun with school service was a huge part of the SPW SSLC scosa stampede event. It was a demonstration of true and authentic service in action; an example of children taking the lead to make a difference, agreeing that no person who has a physical or intellectual disability is homeless or should feel alone. #celebratingability

Thank you to Kerry Ramsay, Year 6 Teacher and coordinator of SSLC, for sharing this story.