29 May

The SPW PFA are pleased to present the first speaker night for 2018.

A Window into the AMAZING Adolescent Brain: The must know neurological factors influencing behaviour, emotion, relationship and learning in teens and preteens with Mark Le Messurier.

Event Details
When:  Wednesday 13 June 2018, 7.00pm
Where:  Nutter Thomas Dining Room
St Peter’s Woodlands Grammar School
39 Partridge Street, Glenelg
Who:  All parents are welcome. The presentation will focus on children in years 5-7.
Please feel free to invite friends and family from outside SPW to attend this important seminar.
Cost:  $10 (includes refreshments)
Book Now:  through Trybooking

Read more about Mark Le Messurier

Mark Le Messurier is a teacher and counsellor. He is the author of 11 publications. Mark is the co-author of the three ‘What’s the Buzz? a social skills friendship building programs now assisting children in schools and organisations around the globe. Mark presents at conferences and is a recipient of an Australian National Excellence in Teaching Award. Mark works in schools and in private practice in Adelaide with young people he affectionately calls ‘Tough Kids’. He is well-known for writing the parenting books, RAISING BEAUT KIDS and PARENTING TOUGH KIDS. All of Mark’s books will be available at the seminar for purchase, using cash or credit card.

The Topic: A window into the AMAZING ADOLESCENT BRAIN
The years between 11 to 19 years of age, are loosely considered adolescence. It is a critical time for human development and is best-known as a period of massive changes – physically, emotionally, sexually and neurologically. Yet, adolescent behaviour can be a puzzle to many – their parents included!

Children can be a cocktail of emotions and mood swings, with a strong desire for increased independence, a frantic need for peer approval and connection, and a tendency towards impulsive, risk-taking behaviour. They can also be dramatic and irrational for apparently no reason, but they also have deeply insightful and compassionate moments, and a profound need for continuing tender care from the adults in their world.

The explosion of new brain imaging technologies and bucket loads of research have taught us more about the brain in the past handful of years than in the previous 500 years. A few years ago, we thought the behaviour of our adolescents was all about the, “Hormones!”  Little did we understand the true depth of what’s happening in an adolescent’s brain, and its impact it has on our adolescents.

We now know the adolescent brain is very much a work in progress – and, that it is really different to yours, and to how it once was when they were a child. Just as an adolescent goes through awkward physical growth spurts, their brain development also progresses with awkward leaps and stutters.

So, what is a parent to do?
Firstly, understand what’s really happening to your teenage son or daughter. Mark will also present some fast and helpful ideas for you to work with.

This is a challenging age group, but so brilliantly rewarding to parent and teach.

Read more information about Mark Le Messurier and his workshops.