29 Jun

Packaging Tape Sculptures »

Turning the environment into a stage, a theatre with a life of its own, the Year 5 children created art for our natural environment.

29 Jun

Are you aware there is a Museum at SPW? »

The 150 year old heritage of SPW is a daily source of pride and respect for students and staff.

29 Jun

Bumper Term for the PFA »

Another bumper term for the PFA at SPW.

29 Jun

Dance Spectacular »

Helping our children find the song in their heart and the beat in their feet through dance.

22 Jun

Exploring the world of Minibeasts »

The world of minibeasts is fascinating and fills the imagination with awe and wonder.

22 Jun

Move to Learn Movement Program »

Increasing movement to improve brain function and increase concentration, whilst strengthening balance and motor skills.

12 Jun

2018 Annual Appeal – Learning Spaces »

2018 Annual Appeal
Learning Spaces
The SPW Foundation invites you to support this year’s Annual Appeal to establish 21st Century Learning Spaces, where our children can develop the skill

12 Jun

Reflections on Early Learning at SPW »

Gratitude is the heart’s memory. Thank you very much.
As I write this article, I am very aware this is my last piece of writing as Head of Early Years at SPW.

12 Jun

Announcement – New Head of Early Years »

From the Principal – Christopher Prance
I am excited to announce that the new Head of Early Years at St Peter’s Woodlands Grammar School is Ms Sarah Noell.

07 Jun

Reconciliation Week in the ELC »

National Reconciliation Week was celebrated from the 27 May to the 3 June.