15 Sep

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Issue 26 September 15

12 Sep

Going Dotty with Art »

Expressing ideas through creativity and art, learning to collaborate and work together, finding solutions to problems…all outcomes of the Dot Installation created and hosted by the 4 year

08 Sep

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Issue 25 September 8

06 Sep

Japanese Students Visit SPW »

In Term 3, Week 2 SPW welcomed 20 Japanese students from Kori Nuvers Gakuin, Japan.

Early Learning Centre Open Day »

We’d like to invite you to experience our nurturing SPW Early Learning environment where we cater for children from 2 years old through to the first year of school, the Foundation year

01 Sep

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Issue 24 September 1

28 Aug

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Issue 23 Aug25

28 Aug

Disney The Lion King Jn – 2017 Senior Musical »

SPW is proud to present the 2017 Senior Musical ‘The Lion King.’
‘The Lion King’ has captivated the imagination of audiences around the world.

18 Aug

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Issue 22 Aug18

11 Aug

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Issue 21 Aug11