28 Jun

Thankful for Growth and Our Community – From the Principal »

From the Principal, Christopher Prance
As semester one draws to a close, I would firstly like to thank all in our community who have supported our children in their growth throughout the las

28 Jun

Living Things »

Torrens, Partridge and Byron Room welcomed special visitors this term to their rooms.
We have been caring for Brown Tree Frogs, local Spotted Frogs, Spinifex Hopping Mice and Hermit Crabs.

28 Jun

20 Year Celebration Profile – Ruby Fahey »

20 Year Celebration Profile – Ruby Fahey, SPW Old Scholar.
We’re always encouraged by stories from our old scholar community.

28 Jun

St Margaret’s Day Chapel and 20 Years of SPW »

How wonderful it was to see St Margaret’s Chapel filled with past and present students at our week 7 Chapel service.

28 Jun

Term 2 PFA Wrap Up »

Term 2 has been terrific for the PFA.

28 Jun

Music and the Brain »

During Week 6 of this term Mark DeLaine was fortunate enough to spend time with world renowned music educator and researcher Dr Anita Collins.

12 Jun

Early Years PE »

During the first semester of PE, our Reception to Year 2 students focus on fundamental movement skills.
These include running, jumping, hopping, skipping, galloping and balancing.

07 Jun

Forces affect the movement of objects »

The Year 4 students have been focusing on Forces as part of the transdisciplinary theme of ‘How the World Works’.

07 Jun

20 Year Profile – What SPW means to our Reception children »

As part of our 20 Year Anniversary Celebrations, a spotlight was shone on some of the SPW students.

07 Jun

Congratulations to SPW Old Scholars »

Congratulations to Stephanie and Heath
It’s always lovely to hear news from SPW old scholars and last week the school received an email to say Stephanie Murley (graduate 2006) and her