02 Dec

After weeks of practice the big day arrived for the children of the SPW Early Learning Centre for Get Active Day.

Get Active Day

Get Active Day was a morning of physical activity allowing children the opportunity to learn and develop skills and practice them over a period of time prior to the event.

The morning commenced with all the children assembling on Braested Oval and sitting in class groups.

Then it was time to get moving with a very active Health Hustle to the song Fitness Rap, which had children from 2 to 5 years, as well as all educators moving and grooving with knee bends, running on the spot as well as push ups and stretching.

Children progressed through 5 stations – running races, ball kicking, bean bag throwing, parachute fun and a climbing, pulling, jumping obstacle course.

The event to close proceedings was a ‘chicken relay’ with our 4 Year Old children running the race with a rubber chicken. (Much to the relief of a few children who thought that we were going to be running with our beautiful real chickens from the school hen house!)

A late minute suggestion of an ELC staff ‘chicken relay’ ensured the morning finished on a high with shrieks and squeals of delight coming from children and adults alike.

Benefits of Physical Activity

Getting out and active with planned physical activities promotes healthy growth and development.

It helps build a healthier body composition, stronger bones and muscles. It also improves children’s cardiovascular fitness. Physical activities help in the development of motor skills, concentration and thinking skills.

In the Early Years Learning Framework outcome 3 is “Children have a strong sense of wellbeing” and this includes concepts such as;

  • planning for and participating in energetic physical activity with children
  • engaging in increasingly complex sensory motor skills and movement patterns
  • combining gross and fine motor movement and balance to achieve increasingly complex patterns of activity
  • demonstrating spatial awareness and orienting themselves, moving around and through their environments confidently and safely
  • manipulating equipment and managing tools with increasing competence and skill

Participating in these planned events also presents opportunities for children to work together, support each other, develop patience while waiting their turn, strive to improve and develop their own performance and skills set, improve listening, observe others, and socialise as well as having fun.

Due to the success of the day we will be inviting our family communities along next year to cheer on their children and celebrate their achievements.

Thank you to Paul Mesecke, ELC co-educator, for sharing this story.