04 Jun

Connecting with community to create rich learning experiences for students.

We have had a fantastic start to PE this year. One of our goals has been to connect with our community more authentically, and create a rich learning experience for our students. Reaching out to local clubs within the community not only helps our students have access to high level coaching, it also encourages a connection between the school and the clubs. This, in turn, provides pathways for students and their families to participate in sport more easily, with the end goal being more active children in our community. We know there is extensive research around exercise being linked to self-esteem, sense of connection and wellbeing. Exercise is vital for good mental health. This is forefront of our minds when planning our PE & Sport program.

Our Term 1 was a fast paced start to the year with our Year 3-7 Athletics Carnival, Cross-Country and SAPSASA Swimming events. We also had 20 teams representing the school each week at After School Sport, plus a wonderful start to our Junior Primary After School Sport program.


During PE lessons, the Year 1 students and the Year 6/7 students were fortunate enough to have Lacrosse SA coaches coming to their PE lessons and assisting them with the technical aspects of lacrosse. The Year 6/7 students participated in the sessions throughout the term, ending with two weeks of round robin matches, which showcased huge improvements in their skills and understanding of the sport. A highlight for the Year 1 students was scooping up Easter eggs during their last session. Thank you to St Peter’s Woodlands parents Steve Mortimer and Courtney Hobbs for assisting with the coaching. Both parents have extensive national and international playing experience and have been a wealth of knowledge to our students.

spw year 1 lacrosse


This term, the Year 2 classes have thrived under the guidance of tennis coaches from Foundation Tennis Development. The students learnt about the forehand and backhand grip and stroke, plus practising their volley and underarm serve. It was so enjoyable watching them develop confidence so quickly, although we lost a few balls over the fence!

SPW Year 2 tennis

Table Tennis, Korfball and Hockey

The Year 6/7 classes have been rotating between table tennis, korfball and hockey this term. We have coaches from Seacliff Hockey Club joining us for the term, which allows the students to form a greater skill base and move more quickly into game play. This is a great lead on from lacrosse, and we are pleased the students have picked up the sport quickly- although it can be very tricky at first!


SPW year 6 and 7 korfball

SPW Year 6 hockey


The Receptions will be visited by Auskick coaches, starting this week, with the focus on hand-eye coordination, fundamental movement skills and enjoying being active. We look forward to welcoming our Auskick coaches and know that the children will have lots of fun.

Soccer, Netball and Volleyball

We have been blessed with great weather for our Soccer and Netball Schools of Excellence, after the success of our Volleyball School of Excellence in Term 1.

SPW Year 5 volleyball

After School Sport

This term we have 18 after school sport teams competing in our After School Sport program, plus welcoming the Receptions into our Junior Primary After School Sport program. We have 225 children participating in sport just on Tuesdays- how fun is that! We are so pleased to see so many happy faces out there enjoying themselves.


Our South West SAPSASA District Cross Country runners were incredible earlier this term, and some have even secured a place in the SW Team for the State Championships coming up later this term.

We are excited to participate in SAPSASA Basketball, Soccer, Netball and Touch Football, with the selected students given the opportunity to represent our school.

Fun Run for Reception to Year 2

Our R-2 classes (plus their parents and teachers!) were eager participants in the Junior Primary Fun Run recently. It brings so much joy to see the students happy and energetic. We look forward to more of this throughout the year.

Stay active and keep smiling!


SPW Fun run 2021

Thank you to Fleur Kennedy, PE Teacher / Coordinator of PE, for sharing this story.