13 Mar

A welcome tradition celebrated each year on the day before Ash Wednesday and preceding the season of Lent.

As usual the SPW mums and dads did an amazing job getting pancakes out to the Reception to Year 7 students.

Their fearless leader in Suzanne McAdam makes the morning run with streamline precision and everyone was wearing a smile.

Chantal Rainsford, Simon Richie and Ali Goodger were found beating the batter in the newly appointed canteen then trolleying it to the shelter shed to the waiting cooks Blake McInnes and Suzanne.

Plating up the pancakes were Kate Lumsden, Christie Thompson and Leonie Hughes.

The delivery mums comprised of Sarah Parsons, Mel Thambi, Jo Rawson, Jodie Prosser, Tessa Moorfield, Jen Thomas and Sue Farquhar who made the runs to the eagerly awaiting children in the classrooms.

The final stage was the very happy children eating!

Thanks to all involved in continuing this tradition here at SPW.

Thanks for Meredith Williams, Community Development Manager, for sharing this story. If you’d like to get involved with the PFA please don’t hesitate.