24 Aug

Science in Year 3 is slimy, messy and fun!

This term our Year 3 children explored the Transdisciplinary Theme ‘How the World Works’. We undertook a range of science experiments designed to further unpack the central idea ‘Materials have a range of properties and applications’. It was evident students enjoyed every minute of this unit of inquiry as they made lava lamps, designed egg protectors and made slime.

We explored what happens to sugar when it is mixed with warm verses cold water. Students questioned why certain materials mix and others don’t through the oil and water verses cordial and water experiments.

Incursion with SciWorld

During this unit we were lucky enough to have a scientist from SciWorld visit to help us learn about solids, liquids and gases through the use of Liquid Nitrogen!

Students were stunned to discover what happens to an onion when it freezes to minus 196 degrees. They are still amazed by what happens if an inflated balloon recovers after being frozen.

“The science show was awesome because the scientist melted the balloon and made it blow back up” Will

Overall students enjoyed the opportunity to conduct and evaluate a number of experiments in this unit.

How our unit links to the Australian National Curriculum

An Exert from the Australian National Curriculum outlines, “By the end of Year 3, students use their understanding of …. materials and the behaviour of heat to suggest explanations for everyday observations….. They describe how they can use science investigations to respond to questions. Students use their experiences to identify questions and make predictions about scientific investigations. They follow procedures to collect and record observations and suggest possible reasons for their findings, based on patterns in their data.” – Australian National Curriculum

“I liked doing the egg drop because I had to make something that would protect it and my design was successful” Levi

Thanks to Year 3 teacher Silvana Gerges for sharing this story.