22 Feb

Coordinated by the Office of the eSafety Commissioner in Australia and celebrated in over 130 countries, this year’s Safer Internet Day theme was ‘Together for a better internet’.

Many of our classes took the opportunity to participate as part of ongoing education about living in a digital world.

As part of the initiative this year, the 4 R’s of online safety – Respect, Responsibility, Reasoning and Resilience – provide a simple but effective starting point to encourage everyone to play their part, including educators, children, parents and families, as well as industry, decision makers and politicians.

Parents are encouraged to help spread the word about creating a safer, more positive internet usage — start a conversation with your child about which of the 4Rs of online safety is most important to them and how can they help build a better internet for everyone. These skills take time to develop but they can help us in all areas of life – online and off.

The eSafety iParent site is packed with resources to help you address online safety with your children.

Thanks to Geoff Bilney, Assistant Head Learning and Teaching, for sharing this story.