18 May

Students utilised design thinking to design, prototype, create and modify their own pinball table.

As part of our Design and Technology curriculum, the Year 6s were tasked with creating a pinball table.

The pinball table needed to met three criteria – a starting mechanism or ball drop, paddles and a failure point.

There were boards of prototypes constructed to support the design thinking process, with many successes and lots of failures. Once students were happy with their ideas they were able to apply their understanding to their final design. Students also learnt techniques for cutting, gluing, selecting appropriate resources and more.

“I found it really hard to make a starting mechanism. It was also hard as I had to change my DrawinDots software design. Apart from those hard bits it was fun!” Zac

SPW_Pinball Tables_2

“This project threw obstacles at me left, right and centre. Even though it was challenging I enjoyed learning new thing and tackling it head on! Thank you for the opportunity!” Olivia


“I enjoyed making my pinball machine a lot and in the end all of the hard work was worth it. It was really challenging to come up with ideas at the start and it was a lot easier when the only thing I had left to do was make it!” Ella

SPW_Pinball Tables_1

For many children, accessing the Design and Technology Studio is a highlight of the Year 6 & 7 Centre. Thanks to David Kennedy for facilitating amazing learning opportunities in this space.