16 May

The Year 4 students have been exploring identity and how they can reflect their identity through art. They used the work of Pablo Picasso to inspire their self-portrait sculptural reflection.

We asked the students to tell us about the process and their experiences.

Make sure you pop by to see these amazing pieces of art outside the Year 4 classrooms.

“Our sculpture was based on drawings that were impressions of our identity.”



“We had this square wood thing and some wire. The wire was attached to a hole in the wood and you made the wire the shape you wanted. Then you put a stocking on it and painted it with a special plaster paint that made it hard.”


“Next you drew your Picasso-inspired painting on it and painted it bright colours. Then you added more detail and at the end you drew around the features with a black marker.”


“The hardest bit was the painting. it was challenging to fill up the whole face with detail. It was also challenging to do a Picasso-styled sculpture if you don’t like Picasso!”


Thank you to our specialist art teacher, Antonio Clemente, for supporting the children through this artistic process. We think these sculptures are very special.