25 Sep

The PFA have successfully pivoted their plans this term to ensure our much loved events and fundraisers successfully go ahead.

Forging Ahead
Just like everyone else this year the PFA has had to make changes to the way we do things.

We’ve continued to hold PFA meetings via the ‘new normal’ of Zoom. It doesn’t create quite the same community feel but has been a good alternative. We’re looking forward to holding the AGM face to face in late October.

Father’s Day & Kytons Bakery Treats
Instead of the usual Father’s Day Breakfast we offered families the opportunity to purchase a drink cooler or Keep Cup for their Dad or special man in their lives. It was fantastic to see so many take up this option.

After the Kytons Easter Drive was cancelled, we were pleased to be able to offer a modified version this term. Not only did it allow us to raise some funds but we were also able to support a local business hit hard by COVID-19.

Thank you to everyone who purchased Father’s Day gifts and Kytons treats and a special thanks to Jane Mudie for co-ordinating both.

Big Blue Blocks
Last year the PFA committed to purchasing a large set of Big Blue Blocks that have finally arrived and are currently housed in the ELC where our littlest children are enjoying them.

The blocks will continue to move around the school to ensure all the students get the opportunity to play with them. It’s been fantastic to see the creativity being expressed.

The ELC were visited by their Buddy Class where they played with the Blue Blocks together.

ELC Toy Donation
Thanks to Heather Chatterton for facilitating the ELC toy donation and to all those in the community that donated. This generous boost of new resources is being enjoyed by the children and educators, giving these toys another lease on life!

Farewell to Chris Prance
Finally, the PFA would like to acknowledge and thank Chris Prance for his unwavering support and encouragement of the PFA and wishes him well in the future.

Article by Kate Hobart and Kimberly Hutchinson, PFA Co-Presidents