06 Nov

  • By Lindy Francis
  • In PFA

We welcome a new Executive team to the PFA.

At the recent PFA AGM, a new Executive team was elected and took office. Congratulations to the following people who now take on new vital roles within the life of the school:

  • Co-Presidents: Kate Hobart and Kimberly Hutchinson
  • Treasurer: Madhan Dhami
  • Secretary: Sarah Burton

The departing executive team have reflected on their 2-year term and shared their thoughts below.

Reflections from the PFA Executive Team

2017 and 2018 have been huge years for the PFA and we have much to celebrate. Our calendars were again full of events with something to suit everyone.

We’ve had student favourites, including Shrove Tuesday, Mother’s Day Stalls, Christmas celebrations and Bounce Lock-ins. Parent Information nights and celebration nights with a mums’ lunch thrown in. We held raffles and had a walkathon. All raising significant funds to benefit the students of SPW.

The Colour Run was a highlight

The Colour Run however, was probably the biggest highlight, which was held in April this year. It was in planning for 18 months and truly demonstrated our wonderful school community. Over 800 people entered the SPW grounds to participate, observe and volunteer.

We had families, dogs, grandparents and teachers who all joined in, to cover themselves (and the school) in a rainbow of colour. It was a fun festive filled day that saw so many enjoy themselves.

Our volunteers are wonderful

While the Executive would love to claim the success of these events, it was down to the amazing group of volunteers who continue to be involved in our Parents and Friends Association.

Each individual event was overseen and managed by amazing coordinators, who took charge and ensured their success. I’d like to thank each of them for their huge commitment.

Thank you to all involved

Thank you also to all the PFA class representatives who have helped promote our events to their classes, ensuring they were well received and supported.

We must make special mention of Narelle Dandy who has once again donated her services as graphic designer and has produced all the promotional material for the PFA.

Finally, we would like to thank the staff of SPW; Chris Prance; his Executive team and all the teachers for their ongoing support of the PFA and its events. The Development Office team (especially Karen Schaumloffel), the front office staff, Rosie in the canteen, and the grounds and maintenance team have all provided invaluable assistance throughout our term. For this we thank you.

Celebrating many success stories

During our 2-year term, we have contributed over $40K to school projects including the new team sports uniforms; the nature play space, the upgrade of the Nutter Thomas kitchens and new learning spaces in the library.

As we sign off as PFA Executive we’d like to say how we’ve enjoyed our term and that we have made some wonderful friends. We’ve raised significant funds for projects that will improve the schooling life of not only our own children but for future students of SPW.

We wish the incoming Executive Team all the success in the world, as they take over the reigns of the PFA.

Outgoing Executive Team
Co-Presidents: Jane Mudie and Sue Farquhar
Treasurer: Jeanette Sando
Secretary: Sharyn Taylor

Thank you to the PFA Executive Team for sharing this story. We look forward to hearing more from the new PFA Executive Team in 2019.