SPW Uniform Shop

Summer, winter and sports uniforms have been a consistent part of SPW tradition for more than 100 years and our distinctive blue and white colours give our students a smart and practical sense of belonging.

The SPW Uniform Shop manages the supply of all SPW uniforms requirements to students and families.

The Uniform Shop is located in the Nutter Thomas Building, near the Partridge Street Main Entry of the school.

Purchasing Uniforms

In Person
To purchase SPW uniforms you can visit the SPW Uniform Shop during trading hours. Change rooms are available to ensure correct sizing for your child. If you are a new family to SPW and require support in selecting uniforms, you can book a fitting session with our Uniform Manager during trading hours.

Click here to book a fitting session.

Alternatively, the SPW uniform catalogue is available for purchase via the Qkr! App. Generally orders will be filled within 2 trading days and delivered to your child’s classroom. Further details about accessing Qkr! are available in the link below.

Trading Hours

Term Trading Hours

Monday        1.00pm-4.00pm
Tuesday       1.00pm-4.00pm
Thursday      8.00am-9.00am and 1.00pm-4.00pm
Friday           1.15pm-3.30pm

Athlete’s Foot My Rewards Program

The School Rewards Program is a great fundraising opportunity, with $5 from every pair of shoes purchased being donated back to SPW. For more information see the link below.

Further Information and Links

  • Athlete’s Foot My Rewards Program Flyer
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