06 Feb

Everyone at SPW is already a member of the PFA and is welcome to attend all meetings and events.

To run the PFA effectively we need representatives to help get the message about all our events and activities to everyone in school.

PFA Class Representatives

  • We seek 1-2 parents from each class to be these representatives and to liaise between the committee and the parents in that class.
  • You’ll promote PFA events and activities to the parents and children in your class
  • Assist with occasional PFA activities eg collecting raffle money from students in your classroom
  • help organise PFA activities which are allocated by year level

Use the E-form on Skoobag to sign up as a Class Representative or email pfa@spw.sa.edu.au?

Want to be involved but not sure about taking on the role as a PFA Class Representative?

Event Committees

  • The PFA is always looking for volunteers to assist with events throughout the year.
  • This can be as diverse as organising raffles, organise PFA parent & children’s events or even cooking sausages at our weekly BBQs.
  • If you have a passion for helping out on an event sometime during the year, contact the PFA and we will find the right event for you.

Use the E-form on Skoobag to sign up as a Class Representative or email pfa@spw.sa.edu.au?

PFA Meetings
The PFA meets on Wednesday evenings once or twice per term and everyone from the school community is invited. Come along and help decide what PFA events you’d like to see and how we donate our funds to school projects. Dates and times can be found the PFA website page.

If you would like any further information about being a PFA Representative or your involvement in any other PFA event, please feel free to contact any of the PFA Executive members or email pfa@spw.sa.edu.au