29 Jun

Turning the environment into a stage, a theatre with a life of its own, the Year 5 children created art for our natural environment.

As part of the Year 5 ‘How The World Works’ inquiry into the natural world and its laws, children completed a 3D sculpture project. The project was based upon Mark Jenkins inspired packaging tape sculpture.

Focusing on how lighting, art and science combine and how these elements interact with the environment, the children created works of art to be placed within the natural environment.

Working together, children wrapped themselves in packaging tape to formulate the base of their sculptures. The heads were created using a mannequin head as a base.

The sculptures have been placed around the school in different locations. It’s been great to see children of all ages engage with them in the yard.

Thank you to Antonio Clemente for writing this story. To learn more about Specialist Visual Art at SPW, please contact Mark DeLaine, Head of The Arts at SPW.