05 Jun

Celebrating National Reconciliation Week with Aunty Daphne.

Aunty Daphne
As part of National Reconciliation Week we were lucky to have Aunty Daphne visit the school.

Aunty Daphne is a Kaurna, Ngarrinderi, Latji Latji, Elder. She is well known in our school community through her involvement in developing the school’s Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) which commenced in 2019 and launched at the start of this year.

Art collaboration
Aunty Daphne is a respected artist and has run many resident art projects within the wider community.

During the construction of the school’s new Plaza we sought Aunty Daphne’s collaboration to develop some artwork that reflects the school and its location. We are blessed that this vibrant artwork is now part of the beautiful outdoor area.

Indigenous native plants
As part of National Reconciliation Week Aunty Daphne helped establish an Indigenous native garden in the Nature Play area.

Along with her friend Dolores and her son David, Aunty Daphne came with plants, shovels, spades and native soil to help the Year 2s plant Salt Bush, Lemon Myrtle Tree, Native Celery and Native Mint.

The importance of bush tucker
The children learnt the benefits and significance of bush tucker for the Indigenous people and the importance of caring for these plants.

They also found a skink and an earth worm which was very exciting. Dolores explained how good the soil at SPW must be to find these creatures here!

Cooking up the bush tucker
We look forward to collaborating with Aunty Daphne in the future. We are hoping to cook some bush tucker with her from the garden produce!

Article by Meredith Williams, Community Development Manager