15 May

During Term One the Moseley, Hastings and Colley Rooms in the ELC 4 Year Old Program began their inquiring into Sustainability.

Different types of rubbish
Inquiry into sustainability is a constant focus throughout the year and gives children the opportunity to understand the importance of their actions on the environment. The children displayed their collection of rubbish and recyclables around the room each day and began discovering the difference between each type of rubbish.

Sorting rubbish into categories
They were then given the opportunity to sort through the collection and organise it into 3 bins – red for rubbish, yellow for recyclable paper and plastics and a FOGO (Food Organics Garden Organics) bin.

Ways of reducing waste
The children brainstormed ideas of how to make their lunch boxes rubbish free. We discussed ways to pack nude food lunchboxes. The children discovered yoghurt packaging was a difficult item to recycle, but after a little discussion and problem solving they discovered that yoghurt could be stored in a reusable plastic container that could be washed.

We also looked at a number of books and YouTube videos that showed the impact of rubbish on the environment.

The children demonstrated exceptional awareness and understanding of their responsibility to care for the environment and contribute to the health of the community. They are well on their way to being environmental champions and considerate citizens for the future.

Article written by Annastasia Callisto, Early Learning Teacher