28 Jun

Torrens, Partridge and Byron Room welcomed special visitors this term to their rooms.

We have been caring for Brown Tree Frogs, local Spotted Frogs, Spinifex Hopping Mice and Hermit Crabs. We have been closely observing these animals and documenting what we saw the animals doing in many different ways.

Drawing Them

Asking Questions

We asked deeper questions about their habitat, such as what they eat and what different features of their bodies do.

Recreating Habitats

Recreating habitats from stories such as ‘Shhh! Little Mouse’ by Pamela Allen.

Making Shapes

Making mouse shapes from the story ‘Mouse Shapes’ by Ellen Stoll Walsh.

Recreating Homes

Recreating shell homes from observation of the Hermit Crabs and the book ‘A house for Hermit Crab’ by Eric Carl.

Singing Songs

Singing songs about the animals and leading the actions with puppets to songs such as ‘5 Little Speckled Frogs’.

We learnt how to take care of living things by watching videos, reading books and looking at the information the Nature Education Centre has given us. We created an essential agreement of our responsibilities to take care of them; taking turns to feed the animals, change water and clean their habitat.

Reference for loan animals:

Thank you to Kirsten Guppy, 2 Year Old Teacher, for sharing this story.