22 Feb

It’s been a busy start to the year in the SPW Library with the launch of our SPW Little Libraries and Library Lovers’ Week.

Library Lovers’ Week

Library Lovers’ Week was full of excitement with the Library abuzz with happy students engaged in the many competitions running. The ‘Guess the Book from the Close-Up’ had many students intrigued as they only had a small section of the book cover from which to decipher the title.

Enjoying time in the library during Library Lovers’ Week

Other students designed bookmarks to be used throughout the year by the library in our free grab a bookmark box. We also had many budding artists trying their hand at the colouring-in competition.

Making bookmarks during Library Lovers’ Week

Making puppets in the Makerspace is so much fun

In the Makerspace the children created shadow puppets to use in our own stories with many epic tales of knights, dragons, kings and princesses, as well as aliens and robots in amazing space stories, just to name a few. It has been great to see so many students thinking about the characters and plot of their stories.

Library Lovers’ Week certainly made our Library the place to be!

SPW Little Libraries

Another exciting aspect of Library Lovers’ Week was the launch of our SPW Little Libraries. The SPW Little Libraries allow our children to experience the joy of books in the yard as well as our Library and classrooms.

Checking the stock in the SPW Little Library located in the Year 6/7 Centre

This SPW Little Library is located outside St Margaret’s Chapel

Kindly built by our 2018 Year 7 students in Design and Technology after a process of investigation and design, each Little Library was built to suit a given age group. You will see some very engaging Little Libraries placed in various areas around our schoolyard.

How does the SPW Little Libraries system work?

Keeping an eye on the books outside The Hub

Just like the Free Little Libraries movement that is becoming more prevalent in our wider community, SPW will have a similar system. Children can enjoy books without having to borrow them from the Library or class – anywhere, anytime. Our children can take a book home from the SPW Little Libraries and return it when they are finished or swap it for a book they have at home (with their parent’s approval). The SPW Little Libraries are categorised by age group to help children find books most suited to them.

SPW Little Library Year 7 Volunteers

Thankfully we have a small group of Year 7 students who are taking responsibility for the care and management of our SPW Little Libraries this year.

Keep your eyes open for our new Little Libraries popping up around our school. They are sure to foster even more interest in reading.

Thanks to Annette Mesecke, Information Specialist, for sharing this story.