29 Jun

Mid-year is a great time to start learning an instrument. It’s a time when students are settled for the year and ready to take on a new challenge.

Benefits of The Arts for Children

The benefits of learning a musical instrument are well documented, increasingly research supports findings that learning an instrument strengthens the brain.

Although learning an instrument can be a huge challenge, it also has great rewards if children stick with it. Extensive studies have shown children display long-term positive results from playing musical instruments. In fact, the benefits of music have been proven more effective, in strengthening abstract reasoning skills, in younger and older children than teaching children computers skills.

Building Student Confidence

Through the process of learning an instrument children grow in confidence and develop skills that positively impact learning across the curriculum. We know comprehensive music education fosters well-rounded students and creates opportunities to develop critical 21st Century creativity skills.

“Voice lessons have been a wonderful confidence building exercise for my child. Not only does my son enjoy singing with Mr Mesecke, together they utilise the Voice lesson to practise public speaking skills, and often rehearse speeches for class presentations during the lessons. It has been a wonderful mentoring and confidence building process.”
SPW Parent

On top of all this, music is fun and a great way to strengthen student wellbeing.

Instrumental Music Opportunities for Students

We offer instrumental music lessons at SPW during the school day and before or after school, subject to availability. Students from Year 1 to Year 7 can nominate to attend lessons. Lessons can be arranged by contacting Mark DeLaine, Head of The Arts.

At SPW we have many opportunities for children to perform, be part of a music group and share their talents. For instance, we have a school band, instrumental ensembles and performance opportunities like the Soiree, Big Concert and Instrumental Evenings. We cater for all ability levels and encourage all students who have lessons to participate.

Lesson Vacancies

There are vacancies in piano, clarinet, saxophone, violin, trumpet, trombone and flute in Semester 2. Please contact Mark DeLaine to get your child started learning an instrument in Semester 2.

Group Lessons are a Great Way to Start

We currently have a special offer for beginner flute and brass lessons. We are offering group lessons for the first time. Children can try flute, trumpet, french horn or trombone in a group setting with 2-4 students. For only $17 per lesson this is a great way for beginner students to try a new instrument.

If you would like to learn more about Instrumental Music opportunities at SPW and chat about the best options for your child please contact Mark DeLaine.