10 Aug

Recently our Year 6 students experienced a special time interacting with 18 Japanese students from our friendship school in Osaka called Kori Nevers Gakuin.

We asked some of our Year 6 children to tell us a little more about the experience.

Some very lucky students from Year 6 hosted a Japanese student and had them stay with their families at home. Students from Year 6 also interacted with our Japanese friends and did activities together at school.

One of the great things we did in class was read Possum Magic. Together we tried some delicious Aussie tucker. For example Anzac biscuits, lamingtons and one that received mixed opinions was a traditional Vegemite sandwich.

One of the many enjoyable experiences for our Japanese friends, was visiting the central markets in the city and trying some local South Australian produce.

Our Japanese friends and their hosts also went to Cleland Wildlife Park. We saw many Australian animals such as kangaroos, koalas and dingos. We also got the amazing experience of feeding the kangaroos.

The hosting families had many great experiences with their Japanese students and the tears when we said good-bye showed just how amazing our short time together had been.

Overall we had a great week at home and school and we are extremely grateful to have the chance to make these bonds and friendships. We experienced many different feelings while hosting our Japanese friends and realised that this is all part of the challenge and wonder of connecting with other countries.

Kori Nevers has given us the responsibility and the enjoyment of having our special Japanese friends for 4 years now. We have bonded a special friendship with Kori Nevers and SPW, we hope this will continue in the future. We admired the bravery and courage of our Japanese Friends.

Congratulations to our fellow Year 6s for your open mindedness, patience and courage to interact with our Japanese friends. It has helped to broaden our international mindset and made us appreciate the importance to connect with other people and their culture. It might be hard but it is is amazing once achieved.

Caden M, Katherine R and Florence T 6DK

To find out more about our Japanese Language program please feel free to contact Skye Baldacchino.