14 May

Students undertake Secret Missions to highlight the importance of healthy and safety.

Students across all levels recently participated in interactive technology workshops where they entered a “Top Secret” classroom and became “Junior Secret Agents” to work through a Spy Mission chosen by their teacher.

Children from Reception to Year 7 carried out an ‘Education Mission’ in Term 1 devised by Richard of from FYI Education.

The mission for the Year 1 students was ‘Spy Food’. The children investigated what made Charlie the Secret Agent dog sick and worked to solve the problem, learning about healthy eating, food groups and exercise.

A ‘Mission to Mars’ had the Year 2 “Junior Spies” organising all the details of the trip with the ship’s Captain Charlie, the Secret Agent dog. In an inflatable classroom, the children covered aspects of friendships, emotions, basic survival needs and tactics to deal with bullying.

cybersafety inflatable classroom

inflatable classroom

The Year 5 students undertook the ‘Power Games’ mission which explored many forms of bullying including Cyber-Bullying, providing the children with engaging and informative ways to learn how to combat bullying.

cyber bullying

combating cyber bullying session

Parent Cyber-Safety Information Session

cybersafety parent information sessionRichard was invited to present a Cyber-Safety session for parents where he provided practical strategies and on-line resources covering these topics:

  • The length of time on technology (primarily games/social media)
  • What are our kids actually using and doing on-line?
  • Balance of time on technology with life
  • Age restrictions
  • Strategies used by technology companies to “hook” kids
  • What parents can do to help and promote good Digital Citizens

Richard shared a Cyber-Safety Parent Information Sheet with the parents to support them to keep their children safe online.

Access Cyber-Safety Parent Information Sheet here.

Thank you to Lynette Robinson, Communications and Marketing Assistant, for sharing this story.