28 Jun

From the Principal, Christopher Prance

As semester one draws to a close, I would firstly like to thank all in our community who have supported our children in their growth throughout the last two terms.

In what has been an action packed twenty weeks, I am able to reflect with great positivity on the extraordinary amounts we have achieved; I say this in the knowledge that staff and children are now looking forward to a three-week break which is very well-earned.

SPW Chaplaincy 

While you would be aware that the Rev’d Julia Denny-Dimitriou has resigned in order to take up a position as the Priest-in-Charge at the Anglican Parish of All Souls, St Peters, from the commencement of Term 3, you would not be aware of an exciting new initiative which can now be announced.

Rev’d Julia with Bishop Tim Harris at the official ELC opening blessing in 2016.

With the blessing of the St Peter’s Woodlands School Council and the St Peter’s Glenelg Parish Council, the St Peter’s Glenelg clergy team which includes the Rev’d Andrew Mintern and the Rev’d Michelle Yuen will together provide the St Peter’s Woodlands chaplaincy services for the next two terms.

St Peter’s Glenelg is our founding parish church and was the home of our very first school, St Peter’s Glenelg Parish Day School, back in 1863. To be back in full partnership in 2019 is a truly memorable moment.

The opportunity for wonderful synergies in the parish of St Peter’s Glenelg already exist and I look forward to working with St Peter’s Glenelg in the provision of chaplaincy services to the SPW community.

SPW Psychologist

In addition to the chaplaincy services provided by the clergy team of St Peter’s Glenelg, SPW is currently seeking a half-time clinical psychologist to provide a counselling service for our children, commencing as early as possible in Term 3.

Our goal is to find the right person who can provide strong counselling support for our children and in turn to support our staff in the ongoing effective delivery of pastoral care at SPW. This program is very new for us and will add a further dimension to the services we can provide.

School Performance Report

Each year all schools are required to provide a school performance report outlining achievements relevant to the previous calendar year, with the report entitled “School Performance Report 2018”.

The report addresses specific criteria as identified by the Australian Government, and is now available for all of our community in hard copy from the Front Office or online here for people to read at their convenience.

I look forward to seeing you all at the commencement of Term 3, on Tuesday 23 July.

Thank you to Principal Christopher Prance for sharing this story.