29 May

The Year 2s have been putting their green thumbs to work!

The students have been busy planting seedlings in the vegetable garden. This is part of the ‘How the World Works’ Unit of Inquiry. The central idea is, ‘Plants have needs to grow’.

Planting Veggies
We planted carrots, onions, beetroot, lettuce, broccoli, cauliflower, peas and much more. We are already looking forward to harvest time where the children will also cook and taste the fruits (or veggies) of their labour!

Scientific Inquiry
Through scientific inquiry the students have been exploring many aspects of the central idea. Part of this has also involved growing a plant from seed inside the classroom.

Observation Journal
The children are keeping an observation journal while they track the seed from germination through to adult plant. The students have been developing their own questions from their learning so far and there is lots they still wonder about.

Here is a selection of their questions so far:  Why does sun and water help plants grow well? Why do trees have more leaves than other plants? How can small seeds make big plants? Is a cactus a plant? Why do leaves point sideways and upwards?

Planting for National Reconciliation Week
We are also looking forward to bush tucker planting in the veggie garden with Aunty Daphne visiting us during National Reconciliation Week.

We are looking forward to learning from her.

Article by Nicola Pitt, Year 2 Teacher