12 Sep

Expressing ideas through creativity and art, learning to collaborate and work together, finding solutions to problems…all outcomes of the Dot Installation created and hosted by the 4 year olds in the Early Learning Centre.

Using art to explore the Unit of Inquiry ‘How We Express Ourselves’, the 4 year old children invited students, staff and families to collaborate on creating a Dot Installation in the Early Learning Centre.

Inspired by the work of artist Yayoi Kusama, (The Obliteration Room), an installation of chairs, tables and other items was created in the Village Square. The items were all white creating the perfect blank canvas for a collaborative art creation.SPW_Dot Installation_1

Contributors were able to stick bright, colourful dots anywhere on the installation and in any pattern. Over time the art installation came alive and a talking point across the school.

We asked Paula Hanna to tell us a little more about the project:

What were you hoping to achieve with the Dot Installation?

We hoped the Dot Installation would be an evolving piece over time, where children could be a part of expressing themselves by creating a communal art piece. Even though the art piece was linked to the 4 year old Unit of Inquiry, we encouraged children from all areas of the school to be a part of it.SPW_Dot Installation_6

What did students learn being part of creating the Dot Installation?

The students learned that an art piece doesn’t have to be drawn or painted, and that it can be created in collaboration with others.SPW_Dot Installation_5

There were lots of opportunities for children to develop PYP attitudes and skills as well. We saw them learning how to value the beauty of art, demonstrating creativity in how they applied their dots, taking responsibility for caring for the installation and a commitment to caring for the project over time. There was a genuine excitement as the art installation grew day by day.

Did anything surprising happen as a result of the Dot Installation?

It’s been wonderful to see so many families spending time appreciating the art and the children have become confident in sharing their knowledge about the artist and how the Dot Installation continues to change.SPW_Dot Installation_7

What did the children enjoy the most?

Children throughout the Early Learning Centre enjoyed watching the Dot Installation evolve and were always excited to go and look at it when a class from the school had made their contribution.SPW_Dot Installation_2

The positive feedback from families, staff and students from across the school has been very encouraging.

Did you encounter any challenges?

Of course there are always challenges to overcome when approaching a project like this. The weather provided some challenges as the majority of the art installation is wrapped in white paper and the installation needed some repairs due to wind and rain.SPW_Dot Installation_8

Thank you to everyone who participated in the creation of the Dot Installation. It was a wonderfully collaborative activity and also very beautiful.

Thanks Paula for sharing the work of the 4 year old program. We look forward to seeing more creative projects in the future.