12 Dec

It is with great excitement that we await 2019 when the Free Little Libraries come into operation.

Over the last semester our talented Year 7 students in Design and Technology have investigated possibilities, interviewed stakeholders, developed designs, constructed, painted and outfitted the most amazing Free Little Libraries.

Just like the Free Little Libraries that are becoming both popular worldwide and in our local communities, these appealing Little Libraries will be located around our play spaces for students to share books with their friends. Not only will our students be able to enjoy books outside, they will be welcome to take them home and either return them or exchange them with a book they no longer need.

Coming in 2019 to the school yard

Our Free Little Libraries are bound to become a big hit with our SPW students so keep an eye out for them as they appear in 2019.

Thank you to Annette Mesecke for sharing this story. Thank you to our Year 7 students for this special addition to our school. We look forward to using the Little Libraries in 2019.