Principal’s Tours 2019

Term 1: Tuesday 19 March – 5.30pm
Term 2:  Wednesday 15 May – 9.00am
Term 3:  Saturday 17 August – 10.00am
Term 4:  Wednesday 20 November – 9.00am

During the Principal’s Tour you will:

  • Meet SPW’s Principal, Christopher Prance, and hear about his experience in educational leadership.
  • Find out about the Primary Years Program and how we individualise programs for your child.
  • Visit classrooms to see quality, inquiry based learning in action.
  • Tour our beautiful grounds and facilities from the Early Learning Centre through to our innovative Year 6 & 7 Centre.
  • Have the opportunity to ask questions about how SPW can support your child/ren to have an exceptional Early Learning and Primary experience.

Personal Tours

Personal Tours give you the opportunity to have a one on one tour of the school. On a Personal Tour you will:

  • Meet at a time that suits you.
  • Discuss your child and your family’s specific needs.
  • Tailor the tour to your year levels of interest and visit the facilities you most want to see.

Early Learning Centre Information Evening

Term 1:  Tuesday 26 March 2019 – 7.00pm

During the Information Evening you will:

  • Meet the Principal, Christopher Prance and Head of Early Learning Sarah Noell.
  • Hear how Early Learning is the start of the SPW journey finishing with the completion of Year 7.
  • Find out about the importance of Early Learning and the benefits for your child.
  • Be introduced to the programs on offer and gain an understanding on when your child should start.
  • Tour our beautiful centre and experience a quality educational setting.
  • Have the opportunity to ask questions about how SPW can support your child to have an exceptional Early Learning Experience

Early Learning Centre Open Day

Term 3:  Friday 20 September 2019 – 10.00am to 11.30am

During the Early Learning Open Day you will:

  • Meet the Head of Early Years, Sarah Noell.
  • Have the opportunity to ask questions relating to your child’s early learning journey.
  • Speak to the teachers and gain an understanding of the programs on offer.
  • Tour the beautiful centre and see the teaching and learning in action.

Bookings: Please contact Joanna Gray on  08 7221 6217 or email [email protected].



For further information and all tour and open day bookings please contact Joanna Gray on    08 7221 6217 or email [email protected].