02 Apr

As SPW marks its 20th anniversary, part of celebrating who we are is remembering our history.

As a prominent feature of the school campus and the venue for much school worship, St Margaret’s Chapel holds a central place.

In view of this, we invited the Rev’d Stuart Langshaw, the last Chaplain of Woodlands (1982-1998), to come and share some of the history of the coats of arms and stained glass windows in the Chapel.

It was he who commissioned these in 1996 as a gift from the Woodlands Year 12 class of leavers.

Rev’d Langshaw in front of the St Margaret’s banner in the Chapel

Rev’d Langshaw explained that it was the first Chaplain of Woodlands, Canon Cavalier, who chose St Margaret as patron saint because;

“She was an ordinary woman who married and had children and was practical and down to earth”.

St Margaret had 11 pregnancies and seven children survived. Consequently, she always took care of 11 orphans and is usually depicted taking care of children, as on the St Margaret’s banner in the Chapel.

Thank you Rev’d Julia for sharing this story.