18 May

The last Sunday of Term 1, saw over 800 people enter the SPW grounds to participate, observe and volunteer at the SPW Colour Fun Run.

The day was truly a wonderful SPW community event. It was an unseasonably warm 34 degrees which only added to the atmosphere as attendees (with extra help from the Camden Park Firefighters) were dosed with water to help the coloured corn flour stick to the sea of white t-shirts. We had 500 actual Colour Run participants who walked, ran and danced around the school grounds to the music of Magic Mike before getting blasted with colour. By the end of the day there were very few attendees that weren’t rainbow coloured including Mr Prance and a few brave staff members.

SPW_PFA Wrap Up_5_web

There was definitely a festive atmosphere to the day with food and drink stalls, icecream, face painting, craft stalls, a silent auction and the Student Leaders Side Show Alley ensuring that everyone, not just Colour Run participants could join in with the fun.SPW_PFA Wrap Up_9

The event was in the planning for 12 months under the guidance of Christina Patiniotis, her committee and the numerous other volunteers who assisted on the day and in the lead-up. All contributed to its success.SPW_PFA Wrap Up_10

Volunteers certainly help the PFA run successful events and Mums, Grandmas and special friends were the recipients of the latest effort of the PFA volunteers at the Mothers’ Day Stall.SPW_PFA Wrap Up_11

Students love selecting a personal gift for their mum or special friend at the stall and the parent volunteers love helping them. It’s a busy few days with over 600 gifts sold but worth it at the end of the week, when all the mums get to open their gifts on Mothers’ Day.SPW_PFA Wrap Up_12

Special thanks to Jenny Thomas who has managed the stall for the past two years and has spent many months sourcing gifts to ensure there were some lovely options from which the children choose.SPW_PFA Wrap Up_13

Thanks to all for continuing to support the SPW PFA and our efforts in building our fantastic school community. Read more about the up coming 2018 events and meeting dates here.