13 Aug

Year 4 students create their own classroom leadership opportunities, polishing skills for future roles.

Classroom Leadership Opportunities

With the Year 5 Peer Support Program and Upper Primary leadership roles ahead of them, Year 4 students are taking up opportunities to develop their leadership skills at the classroom level.

In Term 1 they settle in, get to know classroom routines, and serve as monitors to run classrooms smoothly.

Beginning in Term 2, we provide opportunities for students to take up an additional role in an area of personal interest. A brief written application is required, outlining how this activity can benefit others. Once we agree on the role’s parameters, new leaders are encouraged to design, organise, plan, create and promote their activities.

Student Designed Leadership

There is no pressure on students to take up a leadership role or meet other people’s standards when designing activities. The role is theirs to develop in their own time and style. Activities are usually planned for their own class, participation is voluntary, and occasional class time is given to assist with specific goals. Applications for new roles can continue to be made throughout the year, as students develop inspiration, interest and courage.

Examples of Leadership

Photography leaders Isa and Lucy gave a tutorial on how to take close-ups with blurred backgrounds, then sent their peers on a photo hunt.

Indoor Games leaders Jake and Hugh ran a chess competition and awarded house points and prizes to the winner and runners-up.

Dance leaders Lexi, Amelia and Caitlin organised and directed a dance competition during lunchtime. They gave individual feedback to each participant.

Drawing leaders Alexia, Eva and Grace ran an emoji drawing competition and gave out badges, house points and prizes to winners in each category.

Craft leaders Kate, Eden and Mollie organised a pet rock session on a Friday afternoon. They opened up the double room for all of Year 4 to join in.

Fact Finder Will displays interesting information in the classroom. Japanese Ambassadors Alice and Sebastian create displays and liaise with Sensei, and Fitness Leaders Logan, Nic, Oliver, Jacob and Liam create fair teams for different skill sets required in fitness games.

The classroom leadership program is a wonderful vehicle to promote student agency, foster service to others, and enable students to develop confidence in their organisational skills.

Thank you to Cathy Kowalick, Year 4 Teacher, for sharing this story.