15 May

The St Peter’s Woodlands chickens are roaming in new surroundings.

Late during Term 1 we decided to re-home our school chooks. The decision was made as we were approaching the uncertainty of a pro-longed school closure due to COVID-19.

We were unsure how we could maintain and care for our beloved chooks and therefore decided to find them a new home.

We know the decision saddened some of our children as they had grown accustomed to seeing them each day in the Nature Play area.

We are pleased to share news about the chickens. They are enjoying their new home and have settled very well.

They spend their days roaming freely on a hobby farm in Verdun, kept company by three other chickens, two mini goats, three rabbits, a youthful Labradoodle, and a pony residing nearby.

They have continued to lay eggs which is a sign they are happy and healthy and have integrated with the other animals really well.

We’d like to welcome baby chicks into our Nature Play space in the future and will likely consider it once the COVID-19 health pandemic has passed.

Article written by Lindy Francis, Communications and Marketing Manager