28 Mar

All Mums, Grandmas, Grandmothers, Omas and Aunties are special and deserve to be recognised.

At SPW we celebrate our mums and special friends with a wonderful tradition at our annual Mother’s Day Stall.

Each year in the second week of Term 2, the PFA organises a stall with a range of fabulous gifts. The children love the opportunity to choose a lovely gift for their Mum or special person. It is a very exciting time for the children who ponder and take great delight in selecting the perfect gift and writing a personal card to give to their mum or special person on Mother’s Day.

This year, the children will have the chance to purchase their presents on the following days:

ELC Children
All gifts are $5

  • Tuesday 8 May
  • Wednesday 9 May
  • Thursday 10 May

Children are accompanied by their teachers to the stall in the Village Square where parent volunteers help them with their selection.

 Foundation –  Year 7 Children
All gifts are $10
The stall will be held in the Nutter Thomas Building.

Foundation, Year 1 and 2 will visit the stall with their teacher during class time. Older students come along during recess and lunch to select their gifts.

  • Tuesday 8 May
  • Wednesday 9 May
  • Thursday 10 May
  • Friday 11 May

This year, the children in Year 5 through 7 are able to pre-order their gift online. Collection day for preorders is Tuesday 8 May. All orders are to be received by Friday April 13.

If you would like to help during this fun week and have volunteer clearance, please complete the online form in Skoolbag.