13 Mar

On the Monday 4 March, the Year 6s and 7s went to the chapel to learn about online safety from The Carly Ryan Foundation.

The Carly Ryan Foundation presenter, Cameron and Carly Ryan’s brother, Bailey, shared ideas on how to be cyber-safe. They talked about not sharing passwords, being careful to whom you speak to, not giving away personal information, and a few little tricks to help keep us safe, such as turning off location services, not taking photos in our school uniform, and making sure the photos we post online don’t reveal any personal information.

First, we talked about our choices and how they can affect our happiness. Cameron talked about the more preferable sites and the more dangerous sites.

We also learnt about Carly’s story and how the foundation started. Overall, it was a great experience.

Thank you to Rucha and Lucia – Year 6 Students – for sharing your experience. Thank you to The Carly Ryan Foundation for sharing valuable insights with our children.