18 May

During Term One the Year 2 children researched the ways people negatively affect water and brainstormed possible solutions for appropriately caring for our waterways.

Our excursion to the Patawalonga proved to be a valuable learning opportunity. The children were able to see first hand the affect human actions have on water. They recorded the different types of pollution they saw in the Patawalonga and at the beach and where it was found. The experience prompted much discussion on the day and reflection back in the classroom.SPW_Caring for water_1

During lessons children identified the negative affects people can have on water. They also considered how people can be responsible and care for water.SPW_Caring for Water_4

Through these activities the children developed their research skills by reading information, finding and noting key words in print and pictures and then writing their own sentences to record their ideas.SPW_Caring for Water_7

The Year 2 children created posters in pairs on their iPads. They brainstormed a problem that affects our water ways and a solution to help overcome that problem. You can find all the Caring for Water posters outside the Year 2 classrooms. We invite families to come past and take a look.

This article was written by our Year 2 Teachers – Annastasia Callisto, Inga Dow, Anne Allen and Gary Irvine.