27 Sep

Over the course of Week 8 students from Years 2 to 6 made new memories as they ventured out on their year level camps.

Enjoying a host of activities that encouraged team work, new skills and new friendships, the students returned home exhausted yet uplifted.

Year 2 – School Sleepover

The 2019 Year 2 Sleepover was a successful introduction to the camp program at SPW.

On Friday night, the students participated in three activities, making a catapult with rubber bands and pop sticks in the Music Room, parachute games in the Chapel and a llama craft activity in a classroom.

The children participated in these activities in mixed cohorts to experience team building. Before bed all the children settled down with popcorn and watched “Bluey” on TV before brushing their teeth and falling fast asleep.

As 2ID have summarised; “it was cool to sleep at school”.

On Saturday morning, the children woke early with a sense of pride. They played with sports equipment on MacKenzie Oval while dedicated parents cooked up a storm for breakfast.

It was a lovely morning celebrating the children’s first experience of school camps at SPW.

Some of the children’s reflections:

“When it was lights out, it was scary but EXCITING!!!”

“I liked watching Bluey and eating popcorn.”

“I liked being able to sleep next to my friends.”

“I really liked breakfast because I had 3 egg muffins!”

“We loved it and I’d love to do it again because we got to spend lots of time with our friends.”

“I really liked how we got to do activities like llama making, catapult making and parachute games.”

Thank you to Felicity, Year 2 Level Leader, for sharing this story.

Year 3 Camp – Woodhouse Campsite 

On Wednesday 11 September the Year 3 students set off to Woodhouse Campsite for the adventure of the year.

On arrival, students enjoyed the challenge of setting up their tents successfully. Half the group camped out in tents on the first night and the rest on the second night.

The full day at camp was jam packed full of exciting activities. They built billy carts and took turns steering and pushing.

They used their orienteering skills to navigate the grounds using a map. They also enjoyed wall climbing, nature play activities and of course Challenge Hill.

The students undertook each of these activities with enthusiasm and persistence.

Thank you to Silvana, Year 3 Level Leader, for sharing this story.

Year 4 Camp – Douglas Scrub

Year 4 students spent three days at Douglas Scrub, in McLaren Flat.

One night was spent in the open field in tents, where we braved cold conditions and experienced life in the great outdoors.

We had a fabulous and long bushwalk through the National Park, spotting native flora and fauna.

Other events included rope building, damper making, camouflage games and an adventure trail.

Thank you to David, Year 4 Level Leader, for sharing this story.

Year 5 – Murray River

This year the Year 5s went on an aquatic camp called Roonka which was by the Murray River. We made rafts out of wood, tires and rope. Then we had to race them across the lagoon. Most of the rafts sank.

We also got to go across the lagoon on a flying fox. We did water ecology and used nets to try and catch any little creatures in the lagoon and river and then we compared what we had found.

We caught yabbies, small fish and other slimy creatures. We also went fishing with crab nets and fishing rods. We caught absolutely nothing, but our hooks got caught on the sand and our lines got tangled. At night, we played spotlight and then sardines.

At the other camp we went on the Ngaut Nguat tour which was about the Aboriginal people who used to live there. Our tour guide was a person called Sam. We also went canoeing on the Murray River.

We cooked our dinner on Trangias. Everyone made pasta. We were allowed to go to our tents after that, though if you wanted you could go on a night walk or sit by the campfire.

In the morning we had breakfast which we brought for ourselves and, after doing the last activity, we left the camp and headed back to school.

Thank you to Molly and Abbie, Year 5 students, for sharing this story.

Year 6 – Melrose

The Year 6 students travelled north to Melrose in the Southern Flinders Ranges.

Here they were blessed with awesome weather and were able to enjoy a range of activities including mountain biking, saving the pilot and hiking through Alligator Gorge and around the base of Mt Remarkable.

The students spent one night in tents where they were able to cook up a storm on trangias before taking part in some fun night activities.

Camp was exciting with all the activities and games. They were enjoyable, fun and interesting. – Jackson and Georgia

The view at Alligator Gorge was amazing! The bus ride was definitely worth it. – Marianthi

At SPW one of our goals is to develop teamwork, resilience, persistence, risk taking and self-confidence in our students, it was very rewarding watching them develop these skills further in each activity they completed.

The Year 6 camp allowed the students the opportunity to take part in activities they had never tried before, to push themselves a little out of their comfort zone and to forge new friendships within the year level.  Memories were made which will never be forgotten.

Camp was AWESOME with all the activities and great times…it was the most fun as we did it with our friends. – James

To me camp is a place where you can be adventurous and love the wilderness. – Ava

Thank you to Kerry, Year 6 Level Leader, for sharing this story.