06 Sep

The excitement of Book Week is still lingering after what was an action packed week of activities in the Library!

This culminated in an exhilarating parade and the announcement of the book winners on the Friday (voted by both the Children’s Book Council of Australia and by the students of SPW).

The catch cry from children was, ‘I can’t wait for Book Week’ in the lead up to a special week in which students engage with the best of Australian literature.

The buzz around the school and in the Library was simply amazing!

Children transformed into superheroes (with their favourite book in hand), flew across the sky in the photo booth, listened to great storytellers, wrote secret messages, authored books, created artworks, entered competitions and became pavement artists.

It was great to see what our students thought were their secret powers, both real and imagined, through their writing and illustrations that are now proudly displayed in our Library.

The Book Week character parade was an absolute show stopper with phenomenal costumes from staff and students alike. The ELC right through to Year 7 enjoyed the excitement of the event on McKenzie Playing Field.

Through the support of parents and staff, all manner of book characters were present as SPW enjoyed the sunshine and comradery of Book Week for another year.

Quotes of student’s secret powers…

My secret power is…

‘My secret power is reading, writing, netball, caring for animals, humor and being brave’. Lexie (Year 3)

‘My secret power is to be able to freeze time so then if I need to do something but I’m at school on that day I could freeze time and get it done.’ Jiorjia (Year 6)

‘My secret power is super speed, because I could travel anywhere in one second and also could run long distances.’ Alys (Year 2)

‘My secret power is reading people’s minds’ Ruby (Year 6)

’My secret power is playing on my guitar.’ Tilly (Year 1)

Thank you to Annette Mesecke, Information Specialist SPW Library, for sharing this story.