28 Sep

The children at SPW embraced the Book Week theme ‘Find Your Treasure’ with excitement.

The Library was a buzz

The Library was buzzing with laughter from children enjoying Book Week. The ‘Find Your Treasure’ theme gave us time to reflect on the many people and things that are important to us… literally what we treasure in our lives.

I treasure my books. I like to read my treasure. It is very special to me.” Elle-Mae

In the Library there were amazing treasure hunts, cool craft based on the shortlisted books, a mysterious Story Cave, the incredible Guess the Treasure competition, a relaxing Story Telling Flop-Zone, many epic stories written in the Writers’ Corner and the ever popular Pirate Photo Booth.

Even the treasure map markings on the floor of the Library gave much enjoyment as children followed the paths to find each new treasure at X marks the spot.

Book characters came to life in our Book Week Parade

The Book Week Parade of book characters was a magical day giving extra fun and enjoyment to the celebration of our top Australian authors in Book Week 2018.

Children from Foundation to Year 7 participated in the parade. While the children in the ELC dressed as their favourite book characters across the week.

Book Week activities continued in our classrooms

Children from the Early Learning Centre through to Year 7 were engaged in Book Week related activities across the week. It was also great to see many of our staff getting involved in dressing up for Book Week. What a great team!

We can’t wait for next year to do it all again!

Thanks to Annette Mesecke for sharing this article about Book Week.