30 Nov

Our ELC 4 year old children were delighted to have a visit from Trent Hill, an Aboriginal story teller.

Trent Hill visits the SPW Early Learning Centre to share his stories with the 4 year old children.

Trent was born in Western Australia into the Wilman group. He moved to South Australia and grew up on the traditional lands of the Kaurna people of the Adelaide region.

He captivated the children through his story about a lazy and greedy boy called Getagool who failed to tell the truth to two sisters in order to get food and water from their land. Trent used drawings to tell the story of Getagool and explained that as punishment for not telling the truth, Getagool became the moon and the sisters became the stars.

The importance of storytelling

He discussed the importance of story-telling to learn the ways and rules of life – such as the importance of telling the truth and how we learn from adults. Trent also showed and played his didgeridoo, tapping sticks, his fire starting tools and animal skins, explaining how they were made and their uses. Trent ended the session by showing the children how to light a fire from his fire stick. The children really enjoyed Trent’s visit.

Creating our own stories

Following our time with Trent Hill, the Moseley and Hastings children have been busy creating stories using Aboriginal story symbols.

Phoebe’s story created using Aboriginal story symbols.

The children were given opportunity to create stories together as a group, and their own story independently. Children chose a medium to create the story, such as paint, pencils, story stones or soil trays.

Sebastian’s Story

“First there was a waterhole and then a kangaroo came to drink the waterhole and the emu wanted to sit under the rainbow . And then it was raining so then there was smoke cause it was too hot so the person came to drink the water too. And the person and emu came to the rain because it was very cold and warm. I hope you enjoyed that story.” Sebastian

Archie’s Story

“There was a waterhole with the sun shining down and rain came and made a rainbow. The smoke from the waterhole went all the way over the human who walked with a kangaroo. The human had a spear and was standing near some running water and lightening came and hit the spear that he hum was holding. The kangaroo and a possum ran away. The human was hurt by the lightening and very frightened.”  Orson

Orson’s Story

Children who have created a story have had their story scribed or recorded an audio story using the voice recorder on the i-Pad. They are excellent storytellers.

Anya’s Story – The People

“Once upon a time there was a people and then the sun come out and then he was very hot and he find a waterhole and then he jumped into the water hole and then there was some animals in it and then he went out and then he climbed, and then it’s raining and then the rainbow will come out and the sun will come out and then he climbed up the rainbow and then he jumped on the sun.” Anya

Thank you to the teachers from the 4 year old rooms for this story. This work is part of the Term 3 Unit of Inquiry on stories. Connections with the EYLF Curriculum are listed below:

Outcome 2: Children are connected with and contribute to their world.

2.2 Children respond to diversity with respect.

Learning is evident when children explore the diversity of culture, heritage, background and tradition and that diversity presents opportunities for choices and new understandings.

PYP – Learner Profiles: Thinkers, Communicators, Inquirer

PYP Attitudes: Curiosity, Enthusiasm, Respect